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Frivolous wall candy & life accessories.


*Warning: This site features items you really don't need but may really want. Please proceed with care. 

Here dwell good girls & bad, Mermaids, Temptresses, Gold Diggers & Fairies. My SheDevil will sit on your shoulder, in her glamorous feathered gown, whispering.......... "don't your walls need a little pick me up?"  "Isn't it your Best friend's/Sister's/your birthday soon?". "Once it's gone, it's gone & you have been sooooooo good."

"Pretty note cards are so nice to have to hand & so sensible, so many uses.... thank yous, invites, Birthday cards. An essential really" will suggest my Domestic Goddess before adding. "Oooooooh what an original gift for Christmas."

"But then on balance didn't fate guide you here?" Will purr my SheDevil. And that Devil does talk sooooo much sense. More of a Guardian Angel really ;) And you'll find her too, the Guardian Angel, wearing couture whipped up from clouds & twinkling like stars.

So having issued my warning. Guilt free, may I welcome you to my online boutique. Please come in, bookmark, browse, spend..... enjoy.



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